The 100% JB Weld Piston WORKS Perfectly!

People have always been innovative and they always come up with new things; some of them can be useless, though there are some that might come in handy sometimes. One such invention can be seen in the following video, where a guy makes a piston completely out of JB weld. As we all know, JB weld is probably the strongest two-component glue ever made. Once it hardens, it is rock solid, so this man decided to take advantage of that and test the glue`s properties. He makes a one-minute test run on a lawn-mower engine and the JB Weld piston works just fine.

The most interesting part though, is when he tests the piston again but in the nighttime with a Plexiglas head. You can clearly see the flames inside the engine and it looks so cool! With the help of a pressure vessel, this has a 50lb pressure in it, and a DIY plastic piston manages to make the JB Weld piston. Though it not perfect, it takes just a couple of corrections to make it fully functional. He finishes it by drilling two holes on each end. What do you think, for how long can this piston continue to work?

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