JB WELD PISTON?! This Can’t End Well! See How Long A Piston Lasts After Being JB WELDED!

Everyone with a little knowledge in welding knows that using a JB Weld is something that you shouldn`t do too often. This method of welding most certainly has its benefits in certain areas. However, you just can`t use it in certain areas that experience intense heat or pressure. In this one, purely for scientific reasons, this mechanic decides to make a piston crown using a JB Weld. He does this for his lawnmower. Now, a JB Weld piston can`t be efficient, and you are right. Nevertheless, you will be amazed by the outcome. This mechanically inclined person did the best he could when it comes to JB welding a piston.

That best is really something. As the lawnmower is fired up and starts to run, you will expect it to malfunction right away. However, this interesting experiment shows something different and unusual. We got to admit, the lawnmower worked for much longer than we anticipated. Nevertheless, not enough to be efficient which was more than expected. Anyway, the lesson here stays same, JB weld piston just doesn`t work folks. So, don`t do this at home. If you run the engine longer than the person in the video, most probably it will completely destroy your engine. That`s a scenario you most certainly don`t like to happen.

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