Tesla Turns The Power Back On At Children’s Hospital in Puerto Rico!

Watching a video or listening to story in which we see people doing good deeds restores the humanity back in all of us and makes us do something nice. Such companies that are extremely powerful and wealthy should be the ones who would initiate this action. Hereby we take a look at this story in which Tesla does something amazing. Namely, Elon Musk made an glorious thing and helped a children`s hospital in Puerto Rico to turn its power back on just three weeks after the devastating hurricane that destroyed everything on its way.

Tesla Turns The Power Back On At Childrens Hospital in Puerto Rico 2

Everyone was shocked to hear this and so many offered help. But Tesla stood up among all of these people and decided to turn a parking lot into a solar panel field that is going to help turn the power back on. This is going to restore the reliable electricity at the children`s hospital at San Juan and help many people. It took just less than three weeks to make this thing possible, as it was reported by Elon Musk, who is the founder of the company.

Furthermore, this picture of the parking lot being turned into a solar panel field went viral almost immediately and has already hit over 84,000 likes. The children`s hospital services over 3,000 young patients and all of them are going to be happy for the great deed that was done by Tesla.

What do you think, is there any other way which wealthy companies should help such facilities worldwide?