TESLA Semi Truck Will Be Unveiled On 26 October!

You must prepare yourself for the future because the TESLA semi truck will be unveiled on 26 October. The people will have a chance to see it and test drive this amazing truck of the future in Hawthorne. I think it is worth seeing this futuristic truck in person. It looks unreal. Now check out Elon Musk tweet in order to see this is official.

He described the new Tesla semi truck as a “Beast” and he says that looks  “unreal”. According to the information from Reuters in August the first versions will have from 200 to 300 miles maximum range, however they announced that Tesla semi truck will soon be able to compete  1000 mile ranges without recharging. Until now only the conventional semi truck with diesel engines had that opportunity.

This is another serious project by Tesla as a part of their expansion plans. They are already producing Tesla Model 3 in hundreds of thousands and they will later put into production the new compact crossover Tesla Model Y and the new semi truck that still has no name.