Tesla Model 3 vs. Volvo S60 CRASH TEST – Side-Pole Impact Test!

Elon Mask posted an interesting video on his Tweeter and Instagram profiles yesterday in order to show how safe the Model 3 actually is. Actually it is a Tesla Model 3 vs. Volvo S60 CRASH TEST -- Side-Pole Impact Test!

Tesla Model 3 vs Volvo S60 CRASH TEST 2

As you can notice there is a big difference between the damage on the body of the Tesla and the Volvo cars. The body of the Tesla was actually less damaged then the body of the Volvo on this side pole impact test. Volvo S60 already has 5 stars rating according to the NHTSA  (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and the Euro NCAP  (The European New Car Assessment Programme).

That means this car model is one of the safest in his class and in general in the automotive industry, however in the last test Tesla 3 was last damaged comparing to Volvo S60. Model 3 does not deform as much as the Volvo, but maybe it is not right to translate that to better occupant safety. However, maybe it is not only about what car is less damaged & about the instant stop, maybe the most important is the force absorption for the passengers’ safety.

One thing is sure, the safety was always very high on Tesla`s model lineup, so we assume the new Tesla Model 3 will be no exception.

What do you thinks? Is the Tesla Model 3 safer car than Volvo S60? Is the body damage more important than the force absorption?

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