This SUV LOST CONTROL On The Road & Landed On The ROOF OF A HOUSE!

Check out this amazing video where this Honda CR-V SUV LOST CONTROL on the road and than luckily landed on the ROOF OF A HOUSE! This is one lucky guy!


I am not an expert for car accidents but I have watched this funny video several times. If can see the moment when the crane lifts the car from the house the left wheel is turned way out, also it seems like the guy snapped the rear of the car, then he spun around to the left side, after that he tried to counter it and then “fortunately” landed on the top of the house.

However we can only guess the reason why this guy lost control on his car. Maybe he was talking on his cell phone or even worst he was surfing on his smartphone, or maybe he was driving to fast so he lost control or maybe it’s a mechanical error.┬áThat is going to be an expensive crash. That crane alone is probably very expensive and also the car is almost totaled.

What ever was the reason and what ever was the cost of the crash, the guy is still in one piece. Thanks God for the saved life.

Posted by C-VP on Saturday, March 11, 2017