2016 Honda CRV Recall Due To Airbag Problems!

The present year sure has a lot of recalls in its record! This time, we hear news from Honda saying that the new CR-V model will be recalled due to some issues they are having with the airbags! The good thing is, that only 30 of these “defected” cars were in the hands of consumers, and only 515 vehicles will be covered by the 2016 Honda CRV Recall!

honda crv 2016 2

honda crv 2016 9

The driver-side airbag modules will be replaced as soon as possible and everything will be just fine! Honda says that this problem is not the one linking them to the exploding airbags from Takata that caused a recall of almost 20.000.000 vehicles! However, was not like that for the Honda CRV best years.

However, read some specs and more info here!

honda crv 2016 7