Toyota Tacoma Crawl Control Demonstration!

With the growth of the car industry, the great models that are being released each year bring new and much safer vehicles with features like crawl control. If you thought that the cars of our time are as advanced as they can get, you are absolutely wrong. Hereby we take a look at this video in which the brand new crawl system is demonstrated that will help you to never get stuck in sand ever again. Driving your truck in the middle of a sandy road is pretty risky and once you are stuck in there, it is very difficult to get out. You would have to spend hours and hours of digging up the sand from under the wheels.

Get Stuck Crawl Control Toyota Tacoma 4

But this new crawl control system does the job on its own. They use the 2016 Toyota Tacoma that has this type of system and intentionally stuck it in the middle of the sand. The wheels are stuck deep in the sand and there is no way that you can get the truck out if it was not for the help of this crawl system. It does work slowly but it manages to put sand under the wheels.

After maybe just under a minute or so, you can move the truck without any problems in reverse. It looks absolutely unbelievable. So if you ever decide to go on a journey in the middle of the desert, make sure you take a car that has this type of crawl control system built in it!

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