Rare Footage Of The SPACE SHUTTLE Enterprise Landing! That Could Have Been Disastrous!

If there is one thing that we are absolutely best at, it is without a doubt space exploration (after basketball of course). Today, we take a small trip back in time to see a truly historic moment for NASA. This footage is from 1977 and it shows the space shuttle Enterprise landing at the Edwards Air Force base. Enterprise was the first orbiter that was part of the system that was known as Space Shuttle. Even though it is commonly known as a space shuttle, Enterprise wasn`t actually capable of flying through space. Nevertheless, it was still an engineering masterpiece.

In the video that we are sharing with you guys, you will have the pleasure of the last landing this space shuttle did. As you can see in the video, it had quite a bit of trouble getting firmly to the ground, even failing at first! The space shuttle bounced back in the air and continued flying! Luckily, NASA pilots are highly trained, and they landed the Enterprise safely afterwards. It is not easy operating a space shuttle after all! Anyways, press play on the video below, so you can see the archive footage of the space shuttle Enterprise landing for the last time.

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