The Glorious Sound Of A 1240HP Heffner Ford GT Twin Turbo!

The 1240hp Heffner Ford GT Twin Turbo sounds unbelievable! Even though we have seen some amazing modification being done to even more amazing cars, there are still some more out there in the world of cars that are going to absolutely blow our minds. Hearing a powerful and expensive car roaring is an unforgettable experience and all of us would want to own such car. But forget about everything you have seen so far and taka e look at this one of a kind Heffner Ford GT Twin Turbo that is able to create whooping 1240 HP.

1240hp Heffner Ford GT Twin Turbo sound loud 3

This extremely powerful American muscle car was seen at the event that gathered hundreds of such cars, the Oldtimertage Classic Remise held in Berlin in 2014. Even though many great cars can be seen there, there was one that absolutely exceptional. This mighty Heffner Ford GT Twin Turbo is even better once you hear how it sounds. That powerful twin turbo engine is roaring unlike any other car you have seen so far. Though this video is fairly short, we still managed to capture the right moment this monster does revs. There are many people gathered around the car and are taking video of the action.

We even get a chance to take a look under the hood and how this car looks when displayed at the event. There is something special about this black beauty that makes it so exceptional and one of a kind. What do you think, have you seen any other such powerful Ford GT?

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