Alfa Romeo 4C + Formula 3000 V8 Engine = Unbelievable POWER!

Car modifications are very common. We all love them and we all love the new combinations people come up with when modifying a car. The following proves just that – there are NO LIMITS. So what do we get when we join an Alfa Romeo 4C and a Formula 3000 V8 engine? We get this beast that would leave every car enthusiast in a SHOCK. The car was tested at Verzegnis Hillclimb in 2017. Put the volume to the max and enjoy this two-minute-long video of pure madness.

Its original 600hp 4-cylinder engine has been replaced by the Zytek 3.0litre V8 engine. This engine is most commonly used on different F3000 cars as well as hillclimb protos. The car weights around 700 kilograms and has around 450 HP. Despite its engine change, the aero package and the body kit have been redesigned; the steering box has been replaced as well. A new general setup had to be placed in order to fit the new 18 inch wheels. The Alfa Romeo with the Formula 3000 V8 engine is seen speeding and making sharp turns on the track. To put it simple, this car not only looks good, it sounds and performs even better!

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