Meet The New ALFA ROMEO 4C And The Magnificent Sound!

Alfa Romeo has always been that brand for REAL MAN as the company cares so much about it being a driver`s car and then leaves everything else to come! The automaker made sure it brings in something new and fresh which everyone will love! This time it`s the Akrapovic dual mode titanium exhaust! Meet the new Alfa Romeo 4C!

alfa romeo 2016 4c 1

alfa romeo 2016 4c 6

The new Alfa Romeo 4C, takes the exhaust tips all the way to the center of the rump and uses asymmetrical mufflers and a linking pipe to create an even better exhaust sound! The coupe will probably start at $55.900 while the Spider comes in at the price of $65.900!

At last, read everything you need to know about the Alfa Romeo 4C!