Smokestack Demolition Goes Totally Wrong And Falls On Top Of Him! What A Close Call! Sickest Excavator Fail So Far!

Buildings and other structures need to be knocked down when they are no longer needed. The demolition engineers are making a very sophisticated plan in order to do that. Safe and efficient demolition requires much! Not only careful planning. The “when and how” of demolition work to be done is exceptionally critical. And that is why top notch demolition professionals are needed! We need successful demolition! But a successful demolition is not the case in this video here. In fact, we can see a smokestack demolition going totally wrong! Were there real demolition professionals included in this demolition? We really don`t know. But the demolition taking place is far from professional, that`s for certain! You will agree in a moment.

In order to bring down a structure you need a dynamite or other types of explosive. Got that? Then, the demolition experts carefully and strategically place the dynamite on the structure they want demolished. When the explosive is activated the building should fall on itself. However, that wasn`t the case here! Because, when the demolition experts activated the dynamite, the building failed to collapse! The smokestack demolition totally failed! Shame right?

But, this is where a certain hero comes in action. After the explosives failed to bring down the smokestack, an excavator driver nails it! He decides to drive into the smokestack in order to bring it down! Smart move? Of course not. If that is not a bold move we don`t what is! However, the unthinkable happened and the whole smokestack collapsed down over the excavator! Fortunately, the excavator driver managed to leave this accident unscathed! He is really lucky to be alive from having a close shave with death!

At the end of the day, this excavator driver got what he wanted and the Smokestack Demolition was complete. Make sure to watch the video below as the smokestack goes down in a totally wrong direction! Isn’t that crazy?

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