Smartphones Being DROPPED On The Road as Arabic Resistance TEST!

We know and have seen, many different, very often weird and bizarre things that people are doing with their favorite rides, using them in all kinds of experiments, and `try and error` attempts and methods, in order to achieve their goal. I guess the genesis of all that lies deep in the strong affections that people have for their favorite cars, whether it is some hardcore Detroit muscle monster, or like in this case, one jaw-dropping Lamborghini Huracán, in its classic orange paint job. It does not really matter whether a certain car is suitable for that thing, or if any car should be used for something like that, it all comes down to the initial idea that is involving a certain awesome, and someone`s favorite ride. Today we are going to show you one such resistance test, with two Arab guys who decided to use their awesome Lamborghini Huracán, to test the high-impact endurance of their smartphones.

They have three smartphone models (BlackBerry, iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5) and the plan is to drop them on the road, whilst driving the supercar at a speed of 200 kph (about 125 mph), and see whether they will survive the crash, and if so, which one will prove to be the best. Quite a resistance test, huh?

Even though it is not a bad idea (actually, I think that just as us, many of you will also find it to be an intriguing experiment) to see which one of the most used smartphones has the biggest high-impact resistance, much bigger motivator for us to show you this video clip is that gorgeous model of the Lamborghini Huracán. So check out the video and enjoy it, but if you want to find out more about the new Lamborghini Huracán, check out this link.