Most Beautiful Muscle Convertible Ever Made! 1969 Twin Turbo Chevelle!

I think that we can all agree that there are some awesome and great looking vintage Detroit muscles, and that there other ones, pretty much the same (looking from many different perspectives), and yet, there is something about them that makes them to appear like something completely out of this world. I`m talking about those totally wicked and bad to the bone (in the most positive manner) looking muscle specimens. I`m saying all of this because today we are going to show you something really extraordinary that is reaching way beyond the `normal` standards of beauty and awesomeness. I`m sure that only by looking at it in the intro photo, you have started to feel the gravity of just how incredibly beautiful this 1969 Twin Turbo Chevelle Convertible is.

It is a pro-touring monster, with a 540 Big Block Chevy motor under the hood, paired with a Twin Turbo 76mm, and a billet intake with 16 injectors by Nelson Racing. It has a Roadster Shop chassis, with a front and rear Detroit Speed suspension, and it is a proud product of Gamble’s Street Rods, and its front man Mike Gamble.

As you will see it for yourself in the video, there are many custom made components in it (especially on the body), done by John’s Auto Body, and that awesome Graphite paint job is from the 2010 model of the Dodge Viper. Just watch the video and tell me whether you will agree with me when I say that it is probably the best muscle car, convertible model, ever made.

If you want to make some changes in your own muscle car, similar like the ones of this `69 Turbo Chevelle that you will see in the video, go to this link and find out more about John’s Auto Body, who made most of the custom job on it.