Slingshot Rentals in Miami For Travelers Looking for A Ultimate Joyride

Driving a Slingshot is similar to driving a race car. The exhilaration you feel while gripping the wheel and throwing it into 1st gear is thrilling. If you are going on a Miami vacation then don`t forget to add Slingshot rental to your activity list. You get manual and automatic transmission Slingshot on rent. Visit Slingshot Rentals Miami website and check the prices. Rates will be based on the transmission type, duration, and weekend specials. They even offer extra services like pick-up, delivery, refueling, and helmet. Before you hit the 1st, gear there are a few aspects to get familiar with. 

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What to pack for a Miami vacation?

To enjoy your Slingshot rental trip safely, there are few things you need to carry.

Driver`s license

Slingshot belongs to the vehicle category, so to rent it there will be a need for your driver`s license. If you are in a group, then the one who will control the steering wheel must possess a driver`s license. Non-driving adults and kids are allowed to ride as passengers and share the thrill!

[In Florida, a person more than 25 years is eligible for Slingshot Rental].

Sunglasses and hat

Miami skies are an excellent background for spectacular photography, but brilliant blue-sky glares are hard for the eyes. Bring sunglasses and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Sunrays don`t just hurt the eyes, but even your head, so carry a hat or cap.

Proper clothing and sunscreen

Sunscreen prevents painful sunburns. Top-less seems cool in summer, but UV protective clothing offers better protection against ultra-violet rays. The slingshots do not have roofs and in South Florida`s weather you will get a sunburn year round. Miami and South Beach are always in the 80`s and 90`s with clear skys.

Safety tips while riding a Slingshot rental

  • Wear a full-face helmet, when you are driving a Slingshot. In some places, you will need a DOT-approved helmet. Fatalities due to car accidents are because of head injuries. The helmet is great protection for reducing or preventing head injuries. You can get a DOT-approved helmet from the Slingshot Rental provider. [In Florida, a helmet is not legally needed but glasses are mandatory. However, travelers below 16 years need to wear a helmet]
  • Wear eye protection because it prevents dirt and dust or airborne particles from entering your eyes. In some places, eye protection is a must. You can carry personal protective equipment-approved eyewear. Keep it clean all the time.
  • Always be ready for the fluctuating weather conditions and dress up accordingly. 
  • Keep eyes open while driving, especially in pedestrian walking crowded roads as Miami welcomes myriads of tourists. 
  • Watch for road signs because wild animals or small critters can suddenly dart across the roadway. 
  • Make sure to not make sharp turns on your slingshot as the back wheel can spin out on you.
  • Keep the Polaris slingshot under 80MPH this is a motorcycle that looks safe but if driven at high speeds you can lose control. It is a fun ride but when driven with caution.

Get familiar with Miami`s traffic rules

  • Right-hand side road driving.
  • Turn right at the red light.
  • Watch for low-speed zones like residential districts and schools.
  • Every passenger needs to wear seat belts.
  • Parking is scarce in the peak season, so check the parking app and get live reports for available parking spots.
  • No texting, while driving.

Buckle up to enjoy the ultimate joyride of your life in a Polaris Slingshot on the Miami roads!