700 Ton SHIP FLIPS & Goes Vertical Within Seconds!

700 Ton SHIP FLIPS & Goes Vertical Within Seconds!

SHIP FLIPS Horizontal To A Vertical Platform 6

So apparently, the navy has something called Floating Instrument Platform, which is an open ocean research vessel and it can shift from a horizontal to a vertical platform in a relatively short period of time. It`s over 350 feet long when it`s horizontal, but when the ship flips and it goes vertical only 55 feet are above the water.

The rest is partially filled with water and submerged for research purposes. It has a weight of an incredible 711 tonnes and has a crew of five people, with up to eleven scientific staff. It`s truly a wonder of modern engineering technology and its achievements.

This video depicts the FLIP transforming from a normal, horizontal position, where it can be towed to any location, to a vertical platform that can be anchored and from which scientific tests can be concluded.

At first it looks like a ship is sinking, but after a while it becomes clear that it`s actually supposed to do that. The scientists and the crew are really calm and still as it goes up, which wouldn`t be the case in a shipwreck situation.

So, this thing operates on the west coast of the United States but it can go anywhere and be self-sustainable. Isn`t that wondrous?

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