This Russian Fidget Spinner is the BEST One So Far! 3 CARS Welded Together!

Fidget spinners have taken on the world by storm in the past several months. People have come up with different designs and made them from different materials. But when we all thought they are slowly dying out, the Russians have created something new! Namely, bloggers from Novosibirsk created the Russian fidget spinner from three cars welded together. Each of the cars is missing the rear end, but they still manage to work just fine. The fronts of three Ladas` 2109 have been put together at an angle. The basic idea is pretty simple; as the drivers accelerate the cars should spin.

Though missing the back of it, the drivers are able to sit behind the steering wheel. Once the Russian Fidget Spinner has been completed, they make a test run. Funny enough, it works. The fragile construction seems to hold up just fine. Everyone gets a little laugh at the end. The cars, after the spinner was dismantled, had to be disposed. The bloggers Youtube channel is very well-known for the creation of unusual experiments with cars, and this is surely one of them. What do you think, will fidget spinner die out in the near future or they will stay popular for a while more?

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