Fidget Spinner Gadget Vs 850 PSI Of Nitrous! Cool Video!

The toy known as fidget spinner has really managed to conquer the world these past weeks. We have all seen them or at least heard about these spinners by now. So, as with any trend, the gearhead community will try to take advantage and showcase some pretty insane experiments.

Fidget Spinner Gadget Vs 850 PSI Of Nitrous 4

The famous YouTuber that goes by the name of Cleetus McFarland is definitely no exception. We have written about him before and we all know how crazy he can be with his experiments. When we saw that he has a new experiment that features the trendy fidget spinner gadget, we knew it would be something mega epic!

By our expectations, it really was. As you know, and as the name indicates the fidget spinner gadget task is to spin and thus soothe your mind. However, when a crazy gearhead stumbles upon it, he will most definitely try to over-spin it. Cleetus McFarland tries to over-spin this toy in the most ludicrous way possible. His plan is to apply staggering 850 psi Of Nitrous to the fidget spinner gadget and thus take it spinning to a completely different level. Yeah people, safety is definitely not a number one priority with Cleetus McFarland. This experiment also doesn`t end pretty well. Take a look what happens in the video below!

These cute little spinners can be dangerous as well! Check out this mom`s warning!