80000 RPM Ball Bearing Experiment! Check Out This Amazing Remarkable Speed!

If you are into mechanical engineering, know what about bearings is an absolute must! They are used to control motion and to reduce friction between any moving parts in the machine. Also, they are fun to play with! In the video that we have for you today, you will see a `blazing` ball bearing experiment that had the bearing spin at almost 82000 revolutions per minute! That is remarkable power right there! The ball bearing spins so fast, it ignites several times! We must advise you guys not to try this at home, as this ball bearing experiment can be really dangerous.

To put this power into perspective, we should take the most common tire size and the most common gear ratio. If you have an rpm of 82000, a gear ratio of 3.73 and a tire size of 17 inches, you would be going at 1112 miles per hour. That is the power output this experiment would give if it was tried out on a car! This guy in the video removes the metal shields from the bearing and soaks the bearing in acetone to remove oil and grease. He puts a metal rod inside the hole of the ball bearing and uses an air compressor to spin it! Watch the whole ball bearing experiment in the video below!

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