Rubens Barrichello Is A Very Proud Dad!

Growing up your child the way it is supposed to be is every dad`s dream, and in the following video we see Rubens Barrichello becoming emotional when he gets driven by his son.

Rubens Barrichello Son Dad 2

As we all know, Rubens Barricello is a legendary former F1 driver, and driving a car has been a major factor in his life. His son decided to follow his footsteps and become a F1 driver too. What you are about to see in the following video might melt your heart as we see what does a true father-son relationship look like. Their bond is so strong hence they have so much in common. Namely, his son, Eduardo, takes Rubens Barrichello for a drive at the track at this sports car. This 15 year old wonder kid decided to show his talent.

Once Rubens Barricello got inside the car wearing all the protective equipment, he decided to film his son driving a GT car. But just seconds after the whole situation became very emotional. This was probably due to the fact that his son was driving without any mistakes thus showing off his great talent. Rubens burst out in tears and was overwhelmed by the ability of Eduardo to drive so well. Who knows, we might see his son becoming a F1 champion one day, or becoming a legend just like his father. They shook hands during the drive while Eduardo was trying to comfort his dad. Check the video for more and see how it looked like!

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