Rotary Powered & Boosted Dragster – Sounds Like A Monster!

Certain cars or vehicles in general were built with the only goal to be extremely powerful and fast. These cars are not much concerned about the way do they look, all the care about the top speed they can possibly reach. Hereby, if you are a fan of these cars and you would like to know something more about them, take a look at this 20b Mazda B8z Rislone Boosted Dragster that looks so powerful and in fact, it really is. Even though we do not see it in action and the way it performs on the track, all we need to hear is the mighty sound it makes when it is powered up.

Rotary Powered Boosted Dragster - Sounds Like A Monster 2

Due to the fact that there are bunch of wires and a lap top nearby, we can surely say that the guys are testing the mighty dragster out. This monster has a 20bpp turbo billet Inc boosted rotary engine that has much potential in it. One thing is for sure, we just cannot wait to see it how well it performs. It roars like a beast and it seems that nothing can stop it.

Moreover, those two big Good Year tires will surely make this car even better and much faster, due to the great traction. The mighty dragster is lifted up on stands and we actually do see the tires spinning and in action. All you have to do is to put the volume to the max and watch the whole video.

Later on, let us know what you think about this Boosted Dragster.