Everything That Goes Into Rebuilding A 13B ROTARY ENGINE!

Chips Motorsports is a Midwest rotary shop and in this one they show us what goes into rebuilding a 13B Rotary Engine. This company specializes in Mazda RX-8 and RX-7 chassis, including SEP3, FC3S and D3S. However, they also offer rotary engine rebuilds for 20B, 12A and 13B motors. In this video they demonstrate their rotary engine rebuild prowess perfectly. They have two decades of experience in the field and they dabble in restoring stock vehicles then they convert these vehicles into track monsters. They call themselves the greatest kept secret when it comes to the rotary world.

Rebuilding A 13B Rotary Engine 2

Looking at their work, we got to say that they have the ability to innovate rather imitate. Rotary engines can be also very powerful. They can be built both boosted and NA. Mad Mike from the Metal Mulisha drifts demonstrated how powerful they really are when he drifted a four rotary engine that`s producing staggering 1000HP! Watching this master rebuilding this 13B Rotary Engine is extremely satisfying to watch. If you are a gearhead that is, if on the other hand you are not a car enthusiast it might give you a headache.

However, we doubt anyone is not an enthusiast visiting this website, so you`ll enjoy this process very much. Rotary engines might not be very reliable. However, rotary engines sure are extremely cool and fun to use, especially when you have a master mechanic like the one in the video below to rebuild it when the need for such a thing comes.

How to build an engine? Find out here at Chips Motorsports!

Rebuilding A 13B Rotary Engine

So satisfying to watch 🙌Credit to Chips MotorSports LLC

Posted by Car Throttle on Thursday, October 12, 2017