Check Out This Mazda 767 Rotary Engine Demonic Sound! Would You Touch Those Pipes?

Everyone who is following the history of cars and automobilism is probably familiar with the fact that there were many vehicles equipped with piston firing engines, and more often than rare most of them were failing big time, but every now and then, something good appears. I`m saying this because today we will present you with a custom built rotary engine that looks pretty impressive. It is not mounted in the car yet, but we have the chance to see this huge monster while it is still in its final stages of production. As you know it well, rotary engines are lacking of pistons, but they are spinning furiously and produce high level of power. Those of you who had seen a beast like this one before, can not mistake its sound for anything else. In the video we are sharing with you, you will see a Mazda 767 rotary engine from up close. After hitting 6000 rpm, it starts getting really hot!

The engine is clearly powerful, but we are still more impressed by the heat it managed to produce, as well as the glowing pipes! As abovementioned, rotary powered vehicles are well known amongst the car enthusiasts, but most of the time, the final product was a big failure. But that does not mean that there are no any good rotary powered cars. On the contrary, there are some models that use to be utter success of its time. Therefore, rotary engine is not something to be forgotten or not be taken seriously. Take a look at this huge monster and tell us what you think about it. This model shown in the video is from a Mazda 767, a prototype racing car. Before you watch the video, we warn you to turn down your volume a little bit. That rotary engine is really LOUD!

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