VW Radial Engine To Make This Beetle Totally Unique! 220 Horsepower To Make It Perfect!

One thing is for sure, opening the hood of many performance cars can lead you to discovering nothing but plastic! The engine covering might be the worst thing happening to the auto market. However, Mike Niemans takes the first step and displays this enormous VW Radial engine! No cover on this one. 7 cylinders and that`s it! The real deal!

Mike Niemans, the creator of this VW radial engine, owns a motorcycle shop, in N. California. He says that the Beetle does indeed drag a lot of viewers and crowds! So, the prop driven cars did not really had any chances to hit the mass markets. However, no other model of this kind has looks so cool! An 11 L radial engine just outside the rear bumper! The VW radial engine was built by Continental. This giant engine was DYNOed at 220 HP which is HUGE! The engine was serving a TANK before it was put in the Volkswagen Beetle! The bore for this one is 5.12 inches combined with 4.62 inch stroke! This gives the motor a 668 ci displacement!

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