How To Remove CAR OIL Stain From Your Driveway or Garage!

Car Oil Stain can tarnish your garage floor or driveway. Oil stains can be very frustrating and they are a common symptom when it comes to car ownership. It`s not just that they destroy the looks of your asphalt, but oil stains can also make it dangerously slippery. Now, cleaning them up can prove to be terribly difficult. These stains are very stubborn and sometimes extremely hard to scrub off. Obvious and effective course of action in this scenario is of course to hire a cleaner or to take preventative methods by placing car litter or tray of sawdust underneath your vehicle when filling up or to catch drips.

Remove Car Oil Stain From Concrete 2

However, if you want to clean these pesky stains by yourself, here is one pretty neat trick you can try. We can`t guarantee efficient result with this trick. However, it will definitely lessen the car oil stain or perhaps remove it to an extent you are happy with. Before trying on the trick, we advise you to try this on a discreet place of your asphalt first. Now, as the headline of this article suggests, the trick is applying cola on the stain. This can prove often adequate for little oil stains on a garage floor or a driveway.

You just need to pour the cola onto the affected place and leave overnight. Afterwards you can rinse it with water. This trick might not be as effective on sloping drives and large oil spillages. However, if you left a 10W40 dribble on your driveway, this can be fixed with two cans of coke.

As for the clothing, here are some tips for oil removal!