Fascinating REAL LIFE Transformer looks awesome!

Yes, this REAL LIFE Transformer is Real! 🙂

REAL LIFE Transformer looks awesome 2

Japan is a place which never fails to impress us. Much new and weird technology is built regularly. From smart robots to flying pens, Japan has it all. But what you are about to see in the following video is absolutely awesome, especially if you are a Transformers` fan. Namely, some Japanese inventors put together a real life Transformer and it`s stunning. It literary can transform itself in just minutes from a car to a fully functional robot. The robot is presented to the public and demonstrates its abilities. But it does not stop there, it can do much more.

The real life Transformer is just like the one from the movie. The blue beast`s eyes shine green. It can also perform handshakes and interact with other people.

And this is not a kid`s toy. It must have cost a treasure to be completed and we do not have any information about the inventors themselves. They must have a bright future in front of them.

No information is given to us in terms of how long it took to complete the built or what are their plans with the robot. What do you think, will they sell the robot at a hard core Transformer fan or will they keep it?

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