RC MONSTER TRUCK & DOGS! A Combo For Ultimate Fun!

Just as much as we love watching monster trucks in action, doing the things what they do best, the fact is that most of us do not have a chance to actually drive one of those big bad boys. But on the other hand, we can all afford an RC monster truck, which combined with our passion for RC vehicles in general, is always a great source of fun.

The following video clip that we have prepared for you today, might become even a bigger inspiration for having fun, the next time you decide to take out your RC car, or monster truck like in this case. As you could have read in the title, the combination is a perfect recipe for an ultimate fun. Whether it is when you go out with your friends, kids, whatever.

We all know that all dogs love chasing stuff! And if you want to test your RC cars driving skills, there is no better way, believe me.

Just watch the following video and see how this guy manages to drive his RC monster truck, without allowing that entire pack of dogs catching it, and have fun. And if you want to see more RC car action, go to this link.