What Happens When TOYOTA CAMRY Faces The ORIGINAL RAM!

I know that it is not on the list of our favorite cars that are coming from Japan, but just for the sake of being objective and the obvious quality which this sedan model has, and which cannot be denied by anyone with the right mind, here we go with a video with the Toyota Camry and an original Ram. However, even though the accent of this interesting clip is on the car`s durability and its ability to sustain a strong impact, this is far from the usual video presentation that we are showing you every now and then.

Also, by reading the title, you might have got the impression that it is probably one of those comparison videos, which features some cool Toyota Camry models, and another appealing example of one of the best and most powerful American trucks, the Dodge Ram.

No, my dear fellow Gearheads. Today we have prepared you a funny clip in which you will see how the Toyota Camry handles an aggressive attack and strong impact from a real ram! That`s right, you`ve read it just fine!

What we have here is some guy who is driving his Toyota on an open road, when he runs at a heard of ships. But the things really become interesting when he gets face-to-face with the alpha ram, who wants to let him know who is the real boss!

Just check out the Camry and original Ram video and have a few good laughs folks! And in case you want to find out something about the new Toyota Camry, click here.