Amazing Toyota Camry SOCCER Sleeper – Did You Expect This?

Sometimes things are not what we expect them to be, and nothing can be described more accurately than this unsuspecting Toyota silver sedan, that hides a real monster under the hood. From the very first look at it, it seems to be just another stock looking SOCCER sleeper, but it is actually something much more powerful underneath, and I`m not talking only about what is under the hood.

I`m sure that you have noticed that the word “sleeper” is being used quite a lot lately, but when it comes to this car, I gufarantee you that you are not going to find something like this, no matter how much you are looking. Not only that its looks can be deceiving, but it is something that you will not forget easily when the video is finished. Under the cabin of this sleeper, there is a 5.7 liter Tundra engine that features TRD Supercharger and a very nice and small 300 shot of nitrous that turns it into a real racing monster.

So if any of this sounds interesting to you, check out the following video, I think that you are going to like it and become pretty much mesmerized by this guy`s unusual soccer sleeper.

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Enjoy the video below!

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