Race To Your Next Adventure

Which of these plans sounds like more fun: watching NASCAR on television or going to a live race? Wait a minute. Even if you are not necessarily a die-hard fan of racing or other sports of any kind, you can never beat a live performance! There are so many races across the country from California to Florida that the opportunity to see one of these in person is…wait for it…at every turn. So if you are passionate about your racing or even if you can`t wait to get the T.V. back after a race is over, just do yourself a favor and make the trip for your next adventure to check out what you might be missing.

Race To Your Next Adventure 1

Find a local or interesting racetrack, book a hotel, and head out toward an adventure and great memories.

Steer Toward a Speedway

So whether you are closer to Las Vegas or Kansas City, there are many other reasons to pick a track besides the location. Look for special characteristics that add to the experience. For instance:

  • Historic tracks like Talladega Superspeedway
  • Shortest tracks like Daytona International Speedway
  • Super fast speeds and crazy bank drops like Texas Motor Speedway
  • Unique courses that aren`t even oval like the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania

Set Your Course To a Room

Because the experience begins long before the green flag drops, planning for a hotel even for a race that`s as close as an hour away is a great idea. Make the adventure complete with at least a full weekend getaway. The events at the track start early with vendor trucks displaying your favorite driver (or the one you choose for the day), pit passes where you can meet the drivers and get pictures by the race cars, and even tailgating with other fans.

Most important is the fact that after a solid day at the racetrack, a close venue will offer you much-needed shower and rest especially after sitting so long in the seats or braving the weather.

Track Out the Details

If you have to fly to your new adventure or even if you want to experience the landscape by driving, plan ahead with a comfortable rental car. You can Book with CarRentals.com online while you are choosing your flight and/or hotel.

Wear layers of clothing because the days usually start out cool and warm up as the hours pass. Definitely look up the track rules for backpacks and items allowed at the race. Pack light for your day and be sure to bring sunscreen, but be sure you bring everything you need.

Any sports event is way more fun in person because the experience as a whole creates lifelong memories. Don`t dismiss something live that you may not enjoy watching on television and definitely don`t put off going to a race in person if you love NASCAR to start with.

The electricity in the air, the smell from the engines, and the blow-the-hat-off-your-head rush when the cars speed past you at over 200 miles per hour are things you won`t forget. So find a track, book a room, and head out for a new journey that just may lead to a desire to see them all.