This Public Street Drifting Video Will Leave You Jaw-Dropped! MAD-SKILLS With A 1JZ Swapped Subaru Impreza!

Drifting is what everybody wants to do in a car when they get it. Why do people want to drift? Well, going sideways in a car while going really fast, engine screaming, smelling the tire smoke, the gas, everything is going crazy – priceless! It`s definitely the ultimate rush you can have with a vehicle. In public street drifting video, we have one insane driver showing his mad skills for doing donuts. Now, we can`t say that we condone such activity because public roads are not amusement parks. However, his skills are out of this world! A drifting aficionado that does magic with one 1JZ Swapped Impreza!

This public street drifting video occurs on the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia. It`s probably very early in the morning around 3 AM during the “white nights” season. This explains the low traffic. While drifting all the way through this public street, he casually stops at a red light next to a Ford Mondeo like he wasn`t doing some mad drifting 3 seconds ago. Safety first right?! While we admire his skills, we must tell this guy to bring his amazing skills and awesome build to the track. We can`t accept risking other people lives as well. Check out the video below and tell us what you think about this ballistic drifter.

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