I think that it would be safe to say that when it comes to huge numbers, especially about the supercars and Detroit muscles that can be found on the streets of the United States cities, all of us (on the both sides of the are real suckers who are starting to feel like small children in a candy store, when we get to see some awesome and jaw-dropping specimens with big figures squaring off. Today we have prepared one such video (MICHIGAN STREET RACING), that will boost you up and give you a hardcore dose of adrenaline rush, as you are about to see some very powerful supercars in street racing action.

All of these out-of-this-world babes, a Nissan GTR, UGR Lamborghini Gallardo, and others are 1 200+ HP, and amongst them, there is one powerful and fast as hell turbo Hayabusa, and another BMW S1000RR. The video was made by That Racing Channel, during their visit to Michigan, where a number of cars and bikes are battling each other on the streets.

So without further adieu and any unnecessary chit chats, take a look at the MICHIGAN STREET RACING video and treat yourself with a 7 minutes of hardcore racing action! And if you want to continue watching something very similar, a nightly street battle between Lamborghini, GTR and a Mustang, go to this link.