Dewalt vs Milwaukee vs Ridgid vs Makita Impact Driver Kit!

When it comes to power tools, we always seek to find the best one for as cheap as we can. But can this be possible? Do manufacturers care about the quality of the product or they just try to make some profit from it? You might find some answers to these questions in the following video as we take a look at a detailed comparison on some of the most well-known brands when it comes to power tools. To be precise, four impact guns are tested and those are the DeWalt, Ridgit, Makita and Milwaukee.

Power Tools Comparison Dewalt vs Milwaukee vs Ridgid vs Makita Impact Driver Kit 1

Most of you have probably heard of all of them, but you have to watch this video before purchasing one for yourself. Several tests are run and the durability is tested. First of all, there is a price comparison and every impact gun, except for the DeWalt, goes for under $99. The DeWalt sells for around $170, not something to be proud of, especially when we know that you can get the Milwaukee for as low as $59.

The guy ran the lug nut test, and the Ridgit and DeWalt failed it. He also adds that this comparison was made for nothing more than just fun. The Makita is also the only impact gun which comes with a 3.0Ah battery and in a hard case whereas the rest come with a 2.0Ah battery. The Ridgit comes in three speeds compared to the rest of them which come with two speeds. So these power tools each has its ups and downs and is up to you to watch the full video and make a conclusion!

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