Detailed Comparison – Snap-on vs. Harbor Freight!

What do you think about this Detailed Comparison?

Detailed Comparison Snap on vs Harbor Freight 2

If you have any questions or doubts whether to spend some extra dollars on a good quality impact tool or to save some an ok-quality one, you get the complete answer in the following video. Namely, the YouTube channel AvE, decided to make a detailed comparison and point out all the pros and cons. To begin with, the Snap-on is a whole aluminum body; it is completely made out of one piece so you do not have to worry about those long screws. The rotor looks good too for a tool used for well over 15 years. The vein is made from a phenolic resin so you do not have to worry about damaging it.

He even sets the rotors under a microscope to see how well each peace has been made. The difference is huge. The quality is much better on the Snap-on. Just to mention, they are built by experienced manufacturers and each piece is very precisely produced.

The two tools are completely taken apart and each part is measured to see the difference. You should check out the video for more and see for yourself. What do you think, is it worth spending extra cash on a good quality tool?

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