Porsche Tower Saved A LaFerrari on the 58th Floor During Hurricane Irma!

If you have all wondered how people take care of their cars during natural disasters, we get to see the answer here in which some of the most expensive cars are stored in the Porsche Tower.

Porsche Tower Saved LaFerrari 58th Floor Hurricane Irma 2

Namely, the US was under the attack of terrifying hurricanes the past week which destroyed everything on its way from cars to homes. Though many decide to store their cars in the garages and hope for the best, there are some who want to be 100% sure that nothing is going to happen to their expensive car, such as this LaFerrari owner. He takes his car and shelters it in the Porsche Tower. He gets his car delivered from Prestige Imports in front of the building and them slowly and carefully is driven inside it.

But what happens next, where they actually put it? Well, they take the car inside an elevator and climb it on a safe spot on the 58th floor! Knowing that this is one of the most expensive cars ever made, we guess that anyone who owns it would prefer his car to be stored and taken good care just like this. Though we do not have any information how expensive this actually is, it is certainly a smart thing to do.

This gorgeous looking beast was locked away even more behind steel doors, in which we are not allowed to get in or take a look at what is on the inside. What do you think, is this how you would take care of your car?

Finally, witness the real world test -- LaFerrari vs Porsche 918 Spyder!