Petrol, Diesel or CNG – What Should Fuel Your New Car?

The dilemma of buying a new car remains the same, with so many vehicles storming the market with outstanding features and different fuel variants. Where there used to be only petrol or diesel cars, now the options have increase to CNG, hybrid, and more types of fuel cars. Choosing fuel type is one of the most important decisions we make while buying a new car. Some factors that you should consider for selecting the best-suited fuel type, such as mileage, car price, fuel price, efficiency, and more. From a financial perspective, there is now little difference between petrol and diesel cars. Although CNG cars still have their differences in mileage and fuel efficiency.

Petrol Diesel or CNG What Should Fuel Your New Car 1

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If you look at the current fuel prices, you will realize that there are marginal gaps between petrol and diesel rates now. While the decision to choose between various fuel types itself is dependent on multiple factors, it also impacts other factors related to vehicle possession. One such aspect is car insurance, which is an essential thing for every car owner.

The price for new car insurance differs based on the fuel type. Especially when you buy car insurance online, there are other discounts offered with it, and the prices may vary within different cities.

Furthermore, the factors which must be considered while purchasing a new car depend upon fuel prices, efficiency, and type of car. It also relies on the purpose of the vehicle, whether you`d like to use it for the daily commute, off-road, or anything similar.

Fuel Efficiency and Price

Let`s consider you are buying a new car in Delhi. Current prices of the fuels are:

CNG – Rs. 45.20 per Kg

Petrol – Rs. 72.98 per liter

Diesel – Rs. 65.91 per

Usually, the prices of diesel variant cars are higher than the other two. Also, CNG variant cars have higher rates than the petrol variant. However, auto experts share that mileage for diesel cars is better than petrol and CNG cars.

Smooth Drive

Diesel engines have higher torque than petrol engines, which give it greater power and acceleration. But there are a few drawbacks to owning a diesel car.

From a fuel perspective, if we consider smoothness and ease of handling the vehicle, diesel engine cars, or for that matter, even CNG cars are not as fine-tuned as petrol cars. Petrol cars have good acceleration and are quieter than diesel cars.

Maintenance Cost

Another fact to consider is the maintenance cost and resale value. The diesel cars require more maintenance than other fuel variants because the engine oils and spares used are expensive. Also, the resale value of diesel cars is more. However, the overall life of diesel cars is less than petrol cars.

Insurance Cost

Diesel cars have high premium costs for car insurance than other variants because of their high prices. However, petrol cars have the least premium as they are the cheapest of all. If you buy car insurance online, you also get discounts based on the new car variant.


Today, choosing a fuel type for a new car, which has less impact on our environment, is becoming the need of the hour and also a wiser choice.

With the recent attention given to global warming, even carmakers are launching models in different variants to encourage people to go for CNG, hybrid, or electric cars, which have the least effect on the environment. Petrol cars tend to have the highest carbon emission.

What should you choose?

Although petrol cars have the lowest prices and come with low maintenance costs, their resale value is less than other car fuel variants. Some factors like fuel efficiency favor CNG cars, whereas diesel vehicles weigh better in other elements.

There can be many factors for choosing the type of fuel for your new car, and mostly it depends on your usage. If you prefer off-roading, a diesel car may be the right choice for you, but if you mainly use your vehicle for routine fast driving, then probably petrol cars may be suitable for you. CNG cars are economical for daily commute in cities where your carbon footprint is high overall.

If only the price is an essential factor for you, consider purchasing petrol cars. However, you must also note the general trend for cleaner fuels while reducing dependence on diesel and petrol and choose to go for cleaner fuels.

As a responsible car owner, don`t just make the right fuel choice, but also keep relevant documents handy at all times. Besides, you should also buy car insurance online for keeping your vehicle secured against unforeseen situations. So, put all your car-related worries to rest and enjoy all the journeys lying in store for you.