This Precise Animation Will Show You How Diesel Engines Work!

The internet is a wonderful place to learn new and interesting stuff all the time. People share nearly everything so learning a new skill will take you just couple of minutes. But we are not talking just about skills, namely you can also learn how certain things work. In this instance we take a look at a very precise animation that shows us exactly how every diesel engine works. If you had trouble understanding them, this is your awesome chance to learn everything about them. We are going to use a four stroke mode, but the principle is same for every other. There is a big difference with the classic Otto-cycle engine. Namely, its four cylinders placed in a straight line suck air through the intake valves, but only during the first stroke. But what happens next is where the magic of the diesel engine takes place!

precise animation diesel engines 1

The air taken during the first stroke is utterly compressed during the second stroke. The intake valves are closed and this helps for the temperature of the air to rise to massive 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. Next is the third stroke. This is where the fuel is injected and because of the high temperature of the air, the fuel is immediately ignited. The explosion causes for the pistons to be pushed down, thus transferring the energy to the crankshaft. In the fourth stroke all the wasted air-fuel mixture exits through the valves. The process is repeated over and over again, enabling your engine to work properly. The greatest advantage of the diesel engine is that it is up to 30% more fuel economic than other engines. We hope this precise animation helped you a lot in understanding the physics behind the operation of the diesel engine!

precise animation diesel engines 2

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