You Can Buy A Bentley Mulsanne Replica For Only $23,000!

The Bentley Mulsanne is worth staggering $375,000 which is quite a big price for most people. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of the iconic British marque you have another option. One company produces expensive replica models for just a fraction of the price. In this one, they are giving us a full rundown on how they built a Bentley Mulsanne replica which costs only $23,000.

Perfect Bentley Mulsanne Replica copy car 3

The chassis and all of its bits are precisely cut, temporarily spot welded and then they finish it in TIG weld. They are using double disk Brembo brakes which are definitely the leader in the industry. There is also a 3 year warranty for the brakes.

They prepared the Bentley Mulsanne replica with undercoat, primer base and then they spray the finished product. As you can see, the grille of the car is identical to the original Mulsanne. For the rims, they let you decide what kind of rims you like. The Bentley logo is nicely fitted in the center of the rim to resemble the original perfectly. This replica is black but the color choice is also up to you. Inside the car the interior matches the original perfectly as well. It has an identical steering wheel that features all the gadgets and buttons.

The leather is also exquisitely done with a real leather upholstery. The wooden trim is also very neatly done and very similar to the wooden trims you get with the original Mulsanne.

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