Guy Gets A One Ton Car Massage! Unbelievable Strength!

Women statistically live longer than men, and this is the reason why. Statistically speaking, guys are way more inclined to have their head run over by a car as part of a soothing car massage, than women. I think women don`t even consider it. However, this guy did and boy was he surprised in the end. Don`t worry, there isn`t any gore or blood in this video, but there could have been very easily! I don`t know what they are trying to accomplish but it seems not very smart and generally dangerous for everyone involved in this risky operation.

So, for some reason these guys want to get this Renault Clio to back up against a wooden board. However, since they don`t have anything to prop the board against, an actual human male is placed underneath it. Don`t look at me, maybe he lost a bet or something. So, the Clio backs up over the board and the guy`s back, giving him a nice car massage and a flurry of medical problems for the future. However, as soon as the Clio realizes it`s not going anywhere, it immediately tries to go forward and runs over the guy`s head! He gets up, visibly upset and angry at the driver, but without any injuries. Talk about luck!

Who knows how would he manage these weights?