Finally Explained Why There Are Fewer Accidents On German Highways Than On American Ones!

When you compare the American rate of accidents to the German one when it comes to driving on highways, the German one is a lot smaller. This would appear to be illogical since some German highways don`t even have a speed limit and drivers are free to drive as fast as their cars will go! Statistics show that there are half the fatal car accidents in Germany than there are in the United States. Population numbers taken in consideration, that`s still very little for a country that has free speeding autobahns! (German word for highways.)

The reason for this is because in the United States new drivers aren`t obligated to go through procedures like they are in Germany. On the German highways, there are only drivers that passed all of the tests that the government has imposed. They are tested in urban areas as well as in the country and at night and can handle all types of situations. Also, the German highway system is one of the best in the world and German drivers are some of the happiest, while in America road rage is a very common occurrence. Just goes to show, if you are a great driver and want to drive as fast as you can, check out the German roads!

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