OMG! Would You Drive This 1948 Peterbilt Truck With a 600HP Cummins?

Starting from 1939, Peterbilt Motors Company is today`s most established and popular brand for medium and heavy trucks. However, no matter when it was produced, a vehicle from this company can still work even if it has over 50 years of experience. A pure example of that is this 1948 Peterbilt Truck that after few modifications was upgraded to continue with its work, in this case -- to transport logs. In this video, you will be amazed by the smooth sounds that the engine of this truck is producing. According that, we agree with one comment that says that it sounds like the owner has balanced and blueprinted the truck engine.

Others will say that 600HP for this 1948 truck is unreal, but after you listen to the sound of the engine and the way how this truck carries that bunch of wood, you will be assured of the power that can be made even on this retro vehicle. That is actually one more fact that these machines do not belong in a museum, as they still have the potential to run again and make money.

We, as Americans can be really proud of our truck manufacturing. The 1948 Peterbilt regardless of this new engine specifications is proving to be everlasting. Meaning, the year 1948, new powerful engine or not, is a long, long time ago! And for this truck to be in the business for that much time is just incredible. You can`t stop but bask at this genius piece of machinery.

This video sure proves an amazing thing with our incredible truck industry. Because, for a truck made in 1948, the owner can still find various parts for it. There is a saying that a classic never dies. And our USA made trucks sure live up to that saying.

Finally, if you want another proof of Peterbilt endurance, check out this 1978 truck of that brand!

Enjoy the video below!

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