Chevy Camaro Tire Explosion on the Dyno at 200mph!

Right at the start of this video you have the opportunity to see the main “culprit” that made the tires explode! That`s right, the engine provoked this Camaro tire explosion! Man, that is massive. Everything starts normally. It is all set. The car is in place and starts accelerating. But after 15 seconds or so, the unexpected occurs! The rear left tire blows out of nowhere! Seconds later, the same happens to the other rear tire. Good thing is that nobody`s panicking. Additionally, the guys creating this video were kind enough to insert a slow motion footage.

Fortunately for the driver, and everyone else around the car, this was only a dyno test run.

Ugh, explosions can be nasty!

OMG! Camaro’s Tires Exploded on the Dyno at 200mph!