2 Weeks Old FERRARI 458 Italia CRASHES With Ford F-150!

We have all had our NEW RIDE in a certain period of our lives! No matter if it was some old trash or a brand new vehicle, we always try to take good care of it and save it! Well, it is probably a bummer, when you buy a $250.000 car and CRASH it after only two weeks! This FERRARI 458 Italia CRASHES after exactly two weeks. Well, this is really a car that makes you drive it a little different than the others! The 570 Horsepower sure give you a reason to go a little “wild” with it! However, a CAR CRASH needs 2!

The other car in stake is the ENORMOUS MONSTER – Ford F-150 TRUCK! We have had so many articles and videos with this one that it is clear for us who “WON” in this clash! The FORD TRUCK is all over the Ferrari as Ford`s TIRE is solidly fixed on the shiny red Ferrari hood! We sure give our condolences to the Ferrari Driver and we hope he will fix it in close future! However, it was only 2 weeks old and had 500 miles on its mileage! This is another lesson to drive carefully and obey the laws and regulations! Check out how this FERRARI 458 Italia CRASHES!

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