DODGE RAM DIESEL Got CUT IN HALF During A Pulling Battle!

All of us who are following different types of pickup truck competitions and various power display and demonstration shows, have seen all kinds of mind-blowing and jaw-dropping moments that are leaving us speechless. But when it comes to this pulling battle that you are going to see in the video below, I will use the words of the host of the event, or better said, I`ll concur 100% with him, that this must be the sickest thing that I have ever seen! Just as you could have read in the title, there is nothing much to say or describe about this `act of brutality` during this tug of war between a Dodge Ram Diesel truck, and another monster truck with huge rims and monster suspension, for which we do not have the info!

This incredible show is taking place at the Big Lick event, and from the very beginning of the pulling battle between the above mentioned opponents, the monster truck pulled the Dodge Ram Diesel (which is pretty heavily loaded) so hard, that it bent the truck in half (literally).

However, if you ask me, we must take into a consideration the claims of some guys that this was actually staged event, done by attaching a knuckle joint to the frame of the Dodge Ram, which actually simulates buckling of the frame, and it makes it appear to be smashed in half. All of it, in order to fire up the crowd and make the show more spectacular.

I`m not saying that this is 100% true, but I also won`t argue with it, especially because the broken Ram pulled back together in no time, and not just that it returned to the battle, but it actually won the second tug of war!

But you better take a look at the video yourself, and make your own conclusion about it, and later on, you can share your thoughts about it with us! And if you want to see an interesting pulling battle between VW Diesel SUV and a Chevy truck, click here.