RC Truck Losi 5 t HAULS An 888 VAUXHALL Astra Van!

Ever since they have been invented, RC model vehicles were and still are an inevitable part in the children`s life. Later on, those children grew up, but the kid inside remained the same. Parallel with that, the RC vehicles were evolving into more interesting, and more powerful toys, meaning that the nowadays grown-ups have suitable toys for their age. In today`s video, you are going to see one such plaything. It is a word of a really mighty RC vehicle – LOSI 5 t!

This toy truck is not an ordinary RC truck. It is powered by a PETROL engine, giving it the ability to pull a car much bigger than itself. In this case an 888 Astra van. You can see that from the first moment the RC truck start pulling, it had complete control over the situation. The real size vehicle started moving the moment when the Losi 5t`s engine increased the number of RPM! Truly impressive! Moreover, the tires of the Losi 5 t increased their temperature creating the most wicked RC burnout ever! Although this performance was awesome, don`t you think that the Losi 5t could`ve performed better if the rope was just a little bit longer?

P.S. Follow this link if you want to witness the power of the 1997 Dodge Ram Dually! This thing can pull a 65,000 pounds semi-truck! Epic!