World Record! This Is Officially The Fastest Mitsubishi EVO Ever! 2000HP!

The car world has been hitting Extreme Tuners hard lately because of their incredibly designed Evo, and the guys decided that they would strike back – so they modded that Evo out even more and made it the fastest Evo in the world! When they were designing this car, the necessary measures to ensure that it really was the fastest one consisted of slamming a huge turbo on it, a turbo so big in fact that it sticks out of the hood like a tumor. However, that piece of tech brought them a car that can do a 7.9sec time at 298KPH.

This car has a redline well over 13,000 RPMs which means it`s very difficult to steer, even if you`re a seasoned driver. Also, when the guys were choosing where to do the test, they picked a landing strip at an airport, which makes this that much more awesome! The engine of this beast is capable of boosting out 2000 horsepower, enough to compete in any professional match in today`s racing world. Take a look at this video where they break the previous record – the RPM meter is maxed out at 9000 RPM but these guys take it to over 13,000! How crazy is that?

Interested in the limits of EVO? Follow this link!