Insane Off-Road Fail! SUV Stuck In Mud, TRACTOR Tries To Help Gets Stuck As Well & BULLDOZER Finally Helps Both!

SUV stuck in mud is a very normal situation when off-roading. However, what we have here is anything but normal and we think it`s the most insane rescue mission ever recorded. In Russia, things can go pretty awry when off-roading and it looks like you can`t go off-roading in the mud as they have some special kind of mud there. In fact, in Russia, you do not take your vehicle on the mud because that pesky mud…takes your vehicle. Not only your car but judging by this video it also takes your gigantic off-road tractor, and a massive bulldozer thing.

Off Road Fail SUV Stuck In Mud 2

This mud should really be inspected by authorities because we think it`s out of this earth and it might be some kind of an extraterrestrial substance indeed.

Now, the SUV stuck in mud somewhere in Russia is a very unfortunate Nissan Patrol which is crying out for help. This is when a huge tractor (which resembles a saw service out of a Bond movie circa 1965), comes to help. However, this off-road tractor is absolutely no match for the strange mud underneath and the tractor gets stuck. Now both of these vehicles are crying out for help. Fortunately for them, a full-track dozer comes to the rescue. The dozer manages save the tractor using unconventional methods, but ultimately fails to save the Nissan and in the process the dozer gets stuck as well! Eventually, all of these three vehicles somehow manage to dig themselves out, but boy is this hilarious.

At last, check out this Jeep Wrangler destroyed in mud!

Wtf 😂😂

Posted by Insanity on Thursday, September 14, 2017