Nissan AMS GTR Top Speed World Record – 237.5 mph!

Nissan AMS GTR Top Speed World Record -- 382 kph (237.5 mph) Drag Race Video!!!

We are happy that you are able to witness another moment of setting a world record, right here reading our web page! This world record is set in the third race between the Nissan GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ and the BMW M3 ESS VT2. Crowd is waiting and off they go! It gets even better when we see the track from the driver`s point of view. Noticing that the track gets narrower. Feeling that sends shivers down the spine! To make it clearer, a jumbo jet takes off slower than this Nissan! So if it had wings, it would`ve been up in the air!

Finally, check out this Alpha GTR taking a Lambo!