New to the Road? Here Are 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips For New Riders

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and exciting way to get around. But it can also be dangerous. In fact, you are 28 times more likely to have a fatal crash on a motorcycle than in a car. Luckily just like driving a car, there are some motorcycle safety tips you can keep in mind to ensure that you stay safe on the road especially for the new riders. As a new rider, you must learn the things necessary to keep you safe so you can fully enjoy your bike.

New to the Road Here Are 5 Motorcycle Safety Tips For New Riders 1

Keep reading to learn the top 5 safety tips every motorcyclist needs to know.

1. Appropriate Gear

One of the most important factors of staying safe on a motorcycle is making sure you’re wearing the proper gear. You should opt for clothing that will protect your skin from scrapes if a skid or accident occurs.

Clothing made of leather, gloves, and protective boots are the best choices for riding. You should also consider wearing brightly colored items or adding reflective tape to your clothing to increase your visibility to other drivers.

Helmets are also extremely important for protecting your face, head, and eyes. Helmets protect you not only from accidents but also from general debris and bugs on the road.

2. Defensive Driving

You may have heard the term defensive driving in regards to driving a car, but it’s even more important when on a motorcycle. Driving defensively means that not only should you be paying attention to what you’re doing but also to what drivers around you are doing.

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by distracted driving, such as car drivers being on their phones or quickly changing lanes. Keep an eye out for these and be prepared to react.

3. Pre-Riding Checklist

Before hopping on your bike, there are a few things you should check on.

Look at your tires to make sure they’re in good condition and aren’t running low on air. Make sure your brake lights and signals are fully functioning. And adjust your mirrors so that you have optimal vision.

4. Be Ready With the Breaks

If something happens while driving, you’ll want to have quick access to your breaks. Accidents can occur in a matter of seconds and you don’t want to be wasting that reaction time fumbling for your breaks.

You can ensure that you are ready to react by keeping your back foot near the brake pedal and a few fingers on the brake lever so that you’re always prepared.

5. Pay Attention To Traffic Position

As a motorcyclist, you can often go unseen by other drivers. To prevent this, avoid riding in driver blind spots. At red lights, don’t sit directly behind the car in front of you. Instead, stay to the right or left for a quick escape.

And never drive between a car and an exit ramp. Cars often choose to exit at the last minute and you don’t want to be caught in a car/ramp sandwich.

Follow Motorcycle Safety Tips

Follows these motorcycle safety tips to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride.

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